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divat naptár

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Sale: instead of € 29 only € 25/copies (1 to 10 copies),
€ 22/copies (over 10 copies).

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divat naptár

This premium category, 30x42 cm size wall calendar containing 72 uniquely designed, realizable clothings, 11 colour harmonies and short descriptions of each fashion trend, is the first ever to publish next year’s dressing trends for the broader audience; at the same time beautifully decorating any flat or office. This may be the most special Christmas present for anybody, but for those working in the fashion industry it also carries a significant economical value: the information contained is worth more than € 1000.

hogyan nyerhetek divatdaptárt
hogyan nyerhetek

You will find a number next to each clothing. Choose the clothings you would wear whole-heartedly and vote for them in the Vote menu (you can vote for each clothing only once). If you are lucky and others favour the same clothings, then you will likely be able to buy these in stores as we plan to manufacture the most popular models. You can follow which are currently the 10 most liked clothings by reading our newsletter or by clicking the 'News' menu.

Elite fashion stores, hairdresser’s salons, fitness clubs, distribution chains specialized in premium quality products, and education facilities for the fashion industry; for a unique cooperation agreement please write to the e-mail address.